Aerial cable figure 8 (FE)


Technical specification Standard
Number of fibers 2 – 192
Center strength member Fibre Reinforce Plastic (FRP)
Tube filling compound Jelly
Core wrapping Waterproof yarn
Messenger wire Galvanized steel
Outer sheath Back HDPE
Outside diameter of cable 9 mm – 16.3 mm
Minimum installation bending radius 20 times of cable’s diameter
Minimum operating bending radius 10 times of cable’s diameter
Installation tension 3500 N
Operating tension 2700 N
Applied crush resistance 2000N/100mm
Maximum wind pressure 95 daN/m2
Installation temperature – 10oC to 50oC
Operating temperature – 30oC to 70oC
Storage temperature – 30oC to 70oC