1.Product Name: OC1771CA ODF CABINET 96FO

2.Product code: OC1771CA

3.Product Description:

Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) is a type of cabinet commonly used in AON and PON networks.

This cabinet works as a multifunctional point of contact. ODF cabinets can distribute fiber to APs and ODF cabinets of smaller capacity or directly distribute fiber to special customers. The product is designed in two separate parts (optical welding tray and adapter panel) to help users easily execute.

4.Technical standards:

– The cabinet is made of durable materials, resistant to harsh environmental conditions, especially the sea area.

– Material: SMC composite.

– Manufacturing technology: hot pressing by hydraulic press.

– Dimensions: 610mm x 270mm x 205mm x 3mm (high x width x depth x thickness).

– Cabine lockt: Use dedicated lock, 3 contacts.

– Protection index: IP 43

– Installation: outdoor, pole hanging or pedestal.

– Capacity: 96FO.

– Optical Accessories: SAMETEL, 3M, KOT … or at the request of customers